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Day 1 – Not by works alone  

There is far more to the Christian life than just being one. You must be able to walk by  faith, bare good fruit, and have a meaningful relationship with God. If you have been  told that being a Christian is only to obey the law of God, you’ve got to do a whole reset  and get on a new path with Him!  

“ This good news tells us how God makes us right in His sight. This is accomplished  from start to finish by faith. As the Scriptures say, “It is through faith that a righteous  person has life.” Romans 1:17  

Faith, what is it and do you have it? Is faith doing what you are asked to do and making  sure the lists are checked off for the day? Are you moving along in life being a good  person and making sure you abide by every law? Is your faith based on what you do? I  ask all these questions because faith is much more than just what we do. Faith is who  we are.  

We need to make sure that we are walking in the manner that God would have us and  not in what we think He is asking us to do. Really ponder those questions and take a  self evaluation of what Faith is to you. We don’t become righteous by what we do (our  works), we become righteous through Christ and following what He is asking us to do.  Most of the time we can get busy moving along doing our own things and push to the  side being truly obedient to what God has asked us to do. God asks us to obey and  believe. Even then, at times we obey but we do not believe. In order to believe, we  must have faith. Have faith that God is who He says He is. Have faith that we can do all  that God says we can do. If we can obtain the faith it will give us the ability to fulfill the  law.  

In Romans 4:1-5 it talks about how Abraham believed God and God counted him as  righteous because of his faith. The scripture does not say that all the works that  Abraham did counted him as righteous. It says, “because of his faith”. So then, are you  relying on your works to bring you some kind of validation? Are you validated by what  you do and not who you are in Christ? People work and their wages are not a gift, they  are what they earned. That’s why works alone should not be our goal. We can do good  and still have a lot to work to do on the inside. Just because we obey the law we are  not guaranteed a ticket into heaven. As if Heaven had a rewards system created by  man. The promises of God are for everyone, they are not subject to one system of  people. As we understand the promises of God, we must be fully convinced that He is 

able to do whatever He promises. Do you believe that God can do whatever He  promises? 

As we walk in the promises of God we must allow the holy spirit to fill our hearts with  His love. Adam sinned and sin entered the world which brought death to everyone. But  God’s wonderful grace surpassed it all. God’s grace rules over our lives when we allow  it to. His grace can give us right standing with Him and eternal life through Christ! 

Prayer: Father, let me develop my faith in who you are and who you say I am in you. By  faith I have your promises to hold onto. I will walk in your will and way and not my own.  I do not wish to just do good works, I wish to truly be Christ like. That I may obtain a  good relationship with you so that I can share who you truly are with others. In Jesus  Name, Amen!

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