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Day 2 – True life, get rid of endless cycles!  

“Don’t you realize that you become a slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can  be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to  righteous living.” Romans 6:16 

If you want to truly live, you need to know that you can only live when you live in Christ.  Everyone wants to live a fulfilled life but at the end of the day when you lie in bed, have  you truly lived? Sin will only bring you spiritual death. If your living on the outside but  dead on the inside, that’s no way to live. You can make the choice to die to yourself  and live in Christ. You have the power within you to be free when you live by the Spirit.  

How can we live by the Spirit? In this day and age we have plenty of tools and  resources to help guide us to live in the spirit. We can open our bibles, do daily  devotionals, pray and communicate everything within us to God, download healthy  apps for good spiritual nourishment, maintain a healthy diet in our life to remain clear  minded and focused, we can read books to guide us into new healthy perspectives on  life, we can write out our thoughts in a journal to help clear it of overwhelming ideas or  even create new ideas we can venture into, and so much more! When you live by the  Spirit of God, you will no longer be captive to the power of sin. Your are then filling  yourself with the goodness of God.  

Don’t allow yourself to be muddied in sin and continually condemning yourself for it.  You’re living in endless cycles and repeated mistakes because you don’t want to give  up the comfort of being spiritually dead. There’s no comfort in being spiritually dead,  there’s just a void, an emptiness that you’re left with. The Devil wants to use  condemnation of your sin against you so that you don’t receive the true life that God  has for you! Choose true freedom today. Walk with confidence on earth that you are  God’s child and you can obtain freedom on earth and it is in Heaven! When you choose  to be led by the Spirit, God’s spirit joints with ours, engrafting us as children of God. 

So then, as children of God we must remember that life will bring us ups and downs  but ultimately everything works for our good. We just have to decide how we want to  live. We must trust God before we obey. You can obey God all you want but if you  don’t trust Him, you’ll consistently be dead inside. Believe with your heart, have real  and open faith! Then we can be the feet of messengers to carry the good news of true  life to others so that they too may live life abundantly! 

Prayer: Dear God, I choose true life! I know there is freedom in living in the spirit. Oh  that I may live in the spirit and not of my own flesh that is only temporary. God I seek a  fulfilled and content life in you, let me not continue to run in endless cycles. I know that  I’m worth it, and that I can receive all the good things you have for me. I don’t have to  be empty and void. With you, I can live in true freedom! In Jesus Name, Amen!

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