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Day 1: By Design

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has 5 tiers.

On the bottom layer, the very foundation, you’ll find the following physiological (you will die without these) needs: food, water, warmth, rest.

On the tier above that, you’ll find security and safety. For example, financial and emotional security and a healthy consistent dose of not fearing for your life. 

Immediately after basic survival needs comes interpersonal, intimate relationships, friendships, community. 

Truthfully speaking, Maslow didn’t come by this discovery by way of his own intellect. 

This is God’s design.

Many believe friendship and community is not a necessity when you have a relationship with Christ. 

Don’t get me wrong! Jesus+nothing=everything. EVERY TIME!

However, with knowing Jesus, being in relationship with Him, understanding Him through His word, you will find His design and intentions for us as His people. 

These basic needs are not a result of the fall of man. They are not a result of the brokenness of this world.

It’s quite the contrary. 

I want to take us back to Genesis.

God created man on the sixth day. This is after He’d created everything else.

Before God created Adam, He made sure all his physiological needs would be met:

Food, water, warmth (Genesis 1:1-25, 2:8-14)

After Adam was created, God gave him safety, and security when He gave him dominion over all living things. (Genesis 2:15-17)

Immediately after God meets all of Adam’s physiological needs and called it all GOOD, He says these words, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” Genesis 2:18

Out of all the livestock, the birds, the beasts, none made suitable helpers. So much for man’s best friend.

So out of Adam, God made Eve. 

I know that we always seem to hear about this passage of scripture at weddings or during a marriage series, and rightfully so, but I want you to see this in a different perspective today. 

Even before the fall, even when everything was still perfect, God said “It is not good that the man should be alone.” 

Consistent isolation, and solitude as a way of life does not glorify the Father when He’s designed us to be with one another. 

During these next few days together, we will talk about community: how it should look, why it’s essential to our faith walk, what it will cost, and why it’s worth it. 

Scripture is far from vague about community. 

We’ll look into the ministry of Jesus where He lived out, outlined, and inspired togetherness for us so that we would know, experience, and reap the benefits of godly relationship together. 

Today, I challenge you to take a good look at yourself. We will do that a bit this week.

Do you struggle with loneliness?

Do you have a group of friends, fellow believers that you can rely on, and can rely on you?

I hope by the end of this study together, we have a better understanding and framework for godly community.


Everything You created is good. You do all things well. You thought of everything, and You knew in Your sovereignty that it is not good for us to be alone. We need You and we need each other. Thank You for Your intricate, thoughtful design. Help us to grow this week as we learn about fostering communities that honor You and display Your love and intentions for Your holy church. You have given us the mind of Christ. You have given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of You who called us by Your own glory and goodness, so we trust and follow You! In Jesus’ name we pray all these things. Amen.

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