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Day Two: Finding joy in the midst of pain

Psalm 34:18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

The flowers sitting on my desk were beautiful. Problem was, the circumstance in which they arrived was not. These were a gift to express sympathy for the loss of my marriage. A beautiful thing that would have normally brought joy – flowers – in the midst of the greatest pain I had ever faced. Could I still have joy in the beauty of the flowers? In the fragrance that filled my room? In the colorful arrangement that brightened up my desk? I could choose to. 

Finding joy in the midst of a painful circumstance does not mean you have to be toxically positive and always have a smile on your face. That wouldn’t make sense and wouldn’t be true to what you’re going through. But, it does mean that while life can deal us some serious blows at times, there are always ways in which to find joy, even if it’s just the tiniest glimmer. For me, that day it was not just the flowers that brought joy to my hurting heart, but the love of my family who sent them to me. There was joy in knowing that even though I was going through a dark time and felt alone, I wasn’t actually alone. I had people beside me to go through the valley with me. Sure, I still had to experience this season of heartache, but I also felt the care and concern that others had for me. 

It was also during this darkest moment in my life that I got closer to God and learned more about His love and character than I had in all my previous years as a Christian. If you’re struggling to find joy in the season you’re in, start by looking to God. Look at the beautiful world He created. Read His Word and meditate on the attributes of God that make Him the good God that He is. Find a song that speaks to your heart, or even just admire a beautiful sunset. 

Even the tiniest bit of joy in a season of pain can be a beautiful thing. Don’t forget to look for reasons to find joy every day. 

Question: What are some daily joys that you can cling to during this current season? 

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