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Strength for Distress

But David strengthened Himself in the Lord his God. 

1 Samuel 30:6b

Read 1 Samuel 30:6-8 

The pressures of leadership can be agonizing. So many responsibilities. So many people depending on you. So many thoughts of what will happen if you fail or disappoint the people who have entrusted their lives and safety to you. In 1 Samuel 30, David’s family has just been kidnapped by the Amalekites and their homes have been burned down. As if having to deal with the reality that your wives and children have been taken by your longtime enemy, David must also deal with the complaining and weeping of the men in his army who have lost their wives and children as well. And everyone is blaming David and threating to stone him. Can you imagine how David must have felt in this moment? To have your family taken from you, and now your army against you, any person in this moment might feel as David, and that’s distress. Maybe your situation is not exactly like his, maybe you’re distress because you have more bills, then you have money. Maybe you’re distress because of conflict in your marriage. Maybe you’re distress because of your children. Or maybe you’re distress because of school or work. Whatever your distress is stemming from, like David you are at your breaking point. You are mentally and physical stretched thin. You have run out of gas, and out of answers to solve what you are going through. But look what David does.

1 Samuel 30:6 says that “David was greatly distressed for the people talked about stoning him, because of their grief. But David strengthened himself in the Lord His God.” David didn’t have the strength to engage every one of his army’s complaints, however he had enough wisdom to find strength in the One who had been strengthening him this entire time. Instead of drowning in misery, David prayed unto God. Prayer is the strength for distress. Talking to God is the answer for misery. You may like David have to distance yourself from some people. You may have to turn your ears away from them, but as long as you get to place where you can talk with the Creator, God has a way of strengthening us in our distresses better than anyone else can. 

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