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Why Are You So Afraid?

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

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When people often think about fear, or something that’s scary, they usually describe a person, or a place, or an experience. However, if we really think about it, we might discover that fear is not any of those things. Think about it! No one is born scary. Scary cannot be generalized to one specific place, nor can we conclude that a certain activity or experience will be scary for all people. However, through reflection we may discover that fear is just like beauty, it’s based on an individual’s perspective. It’s based on what a person has concluded in their minds to be scary. For example, if a person believes in their mind that all muscular people are scary, then fear will rise in them every time they see an individual whose hobbies are obviously bodybuilding. Or if a person believes in their mind that great heights are scary, then they might be afraid to ride roller coasters or fly on a plane. But just because it’s fearful in the mind, doesn’t mean that it’s actually scary. Fear in our minds often stem from our nervousness of possibly being harmed, or injured, or something even worse. This was the same fear that David felt as he hid in caves while running from King Saul. David was afraid for his life. He was afraid because Saul’s army was larger than his. He was afraid because he had a hard time gaining allies from other kingdoms in the region. David was alone, vulnerable, and afraid.

Three traits that can weaken anyone’s spirit are feelings of loneliness, vulnerability, and fear. But somehow in David’s weak state, he realized that fear was an option that he did not have to keep. David realized that because God was his light and his salvation, his guide, and his rescue, that there was no reason to be fearful. Because God is the strength that we can turn to when we are alone, there’s no reason to be afraid. David literally asks himself the question, if the God he serves is so much bigger than any fear or danger, then why am I allowing the fear of danger to defeat me. Maybe that’s the question that you should ask yourself. If you serve a God who is bigger and mightier than any fear, danger, failure, or threat, why are you choosing to allow fear to ruin your life. No fear is a choice. Being afraid is optional. As you walk with God, allow God to remain the Lord over your life and the source of strength, then there’s nothing in your life that you have to remain afraid of. 

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