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Sharing God’s Love Through Rocks

I’m a scouting leader, and last semester our troop rolled out an intentional prayer program where the parents were given a rock with a scout’s name on it and made a promise to intentionally pray for that scout for the whole semester. We were so surprised how the parents were excited about this program, and even some of our non-religious parents even participated in the program. At our end of the year ceremony, the parents brought back the rocks and gave it to the scouts, sharing that they had been praying for them every day for the last semester. The scouts were so touched by it, that they took the rocks with their names on them and traded them with each other, promising to intentionally pray for each other over the next semester.

It’s a little thing, but this has started a culture of prayer around our troop that is uplifting and encouraging. I’m so excited to see what God does next.

Written by Tina, a FaithSocial user

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