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Sharing Jesus in the National Parks

I was serving as a chaplain in a National Park, and had built strong relationships with the staff at one of our remote lodges. The staff lived on the lodge’s campus, and weren’t able to go home, even on their days off. One of the women I had built a friendship with had a lot of questions about God, and would regularly, almost aggressively, want to talk about God. We would, and then conversations would always shift to personal needs she missed working far from home, like painting her nails. A week later, I came to visit and told her I had a surprise for her. She snapped back at me, “oh is it a Bible or book why I need to convert? That’s what most Christians seem interested in giving me.” Taken aback, I pulled out a bottle of nail polish and gave it to her. 

A few weeks later, she pulled me aside and thanked me for not trying to force God onto her, but showing her what God looked like. From that day on, I realized sharing the gospel is about so much more than actually sharing the words, but about introducing someone to who God is and can be in their life.

Written by Maddie, a FaithSocial user

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