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Day 3: I am the Gate for the Sheep

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I just wish this would all go away.” Did it? More often than not problems don’t dissipate so quickly. They linger contributing to increased stress levels, heightened anxiety, and elevated worrying. 

As Christians, we have tools in our spiritual toolkits designed to help us navigate life’s uncertainties. Like pliers, prayer can loose bolts. Like a screwdriver, scripture turns the dial; and like a funnel, faith channels our focus. In life these and other tools in our toolkits are very handy, but are oftentimes left unused in garage or shed toolboxes. 

Have you’ve ever had your car battery die only to discover you left your jumper cables at home?

Have you ever been excited to arrive at your fishing spot only to discover you left your tackle box?

Have you ever loaded a shopping cart with groceries only to discover you left your purse or wallet?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you can find yourself embarrassed and totally at the mercy of others. Because God is merciful, being in positions that require grace can be opportunities to encounter God anew. 

By opening our hearts to Christ’s voice and heeding His call to come, we as His sheep encounter a safety found on the other side of chaos called peace. Walk towards your peace by entering Christ’s open gate.

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