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Day 4: I am the Good Shepherd

The proverbial assertion, “I am not an island,” communicates to us one of lives great truth — we were created for a relationship. 

Beginning at birth, we emerge from the womb of a mother into the hands of a caregiver who transitions us into the arms of a family. Grounded in communities anchored around churches, schools, and neighborhoods our adolescence is filled with the experience of learning who lives in relationships with each. Through puberty, we discover a desire for new intimacies that have to be navigated with peers as we transition into adulthood that are complicated by daily rhythms of school and work. However, complications are not always bad.

Graduating from college is definitely a lifestyle change. It is not bad. Getting one’s first job can be complicated but it’s definitely not bad. Finding the courage to love boldly and express that to another through marriage is complicated but not bad. These are rhythms in the symphony of our lives being composed by a loving God who sees us. Why? Because music without notes does not make a sound. Ears without sound cannot identify rhythm, and dancing without rhythm makes life off beat.

Because God in Christ Jesus identifies himself as the “good shepherd,” we can breathe grateful that each day we are presented with opportunities to attune ourselves to God’s rhythmic cadence and encounter His presence in the relationships where the shepherd calls us to walk with his sheep.

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