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Day Three: Reflection and Repentance

Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

One of the beautiful things about Lent is that by giving up something that might typically take your focus off God, you have time to reflect on your relationship with Him. Reflecting on our relationship with Him will rightly bring us to a place of repentance for the sin in our lives and a renewal of our hearts and minds on the things of Him. It also allows us to seek Him with all of our heart. 

When we aren’t focused on our obsessions, we’re able to make Him the center of our world. 

Recently I gave up online dating for a time. That probably seems like a simple one to say goodbye to if you’re married or seriously dating someone, but when you’re single (and don’t want to be) during a pandemic with no other possible way of meeting others, it can be a difficult thing to say goodbye to. I could have just paused my account or stopped communicating with people for a time, but instead, I removed my profiles completely. Why? Well, I realized that the idea of finding “the one” had become more important to me than spending time with “The One” and it had to go. My search had become an idol and it was harming my relationship with God. I sacrificed something that seemed important to me (dating), and instead focused on His sacrifice for me (which leads to my salvation). I know that God knows my heart. He knows my desires. If my desires align with His, then He will bring someone into my life when it’s appropriate. 

Is there anything in your life that has become an idol that God is calling you to give up for Lent, or for good? It can be hard to say goodbye to those things, but just know that acting in obedience to Him will ultimately bring you the greatest joy. 

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