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Day 5

So, concluding today let’s talk about what is true right now and always will be.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

There is work to be done that God has chosen you for! What would happen to this world if we loved others to Jesus with as much passion as we put in trying to find a spouse?

Let me tell you a secret a married friend shared with me: finding contentment in singleness is the key to a happy marriage.

That may sound strange but here was her point, if we can’t find joy now and lean on Jesus now that’s only setting us up to expect fulfillment from our spouse that they can never supply. Part of this time is us becoming but that’s always true. We get to be closer to Jesus today than we were yesterday and then tomorrow we can say the same. But we can only act on today.

This means, choose today. Choose your life.

Another tidbit of wisdom someone once shared with me was prioritize becoming who God made you to be and it will be easier for the right race partner to find you.

This comes from the mentality of each of us are running a race with Jesus. When someone runs up next to you, heading in the same direction and at the same speed – introduce yourself.

This wise person also shared that in her life, the only reason her now husband noticed her was because of those quirky things Jesus had laid on her heart – her sense of humor and style along with the way she loved others. It drew the right kind of person. The type of person we can run the race with without fear of being dragged down or pulled along.

Finally, since we know God is all knowing – guess what? He already knows. Where this is a mystery to us, it isn’t to Him. The only portion of the future I know for sure is that Jesus will be standing by my side fighting for me. And here is what I have learned, contentment isn’t getting to a place where I don’t want marriage. Contentment is knowing whatever happens that Jesus will be with me – that’s enough and it’s all I really need. I know that even if the timeline continues to be different than I imagined or if it’s harder to get pregnant, or whatever happens – Jesus is still there. That’s the future I know and that’s enough.

Tips for figuring living now:

–          Write down a bucket list of dream things you’ve always wanted to do (no relationship status required) so let’s say ice skating – get a friend group and go!

–          Take this list and start acting on it, make new friends, and get out of your comfort zone.

–          Learn something new like another language.

–          Volunteer somewhere new.

–          Visit friends who live in another place.

–          Realize there is so much good here and now.

The point is realizing that you have people who love you and that if right now you don’t have community, it is time to find one. Get plugged in at a church! Do good things with the intention of living life. 

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