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Devotional on the Wise Men with Rev Dr. Courtney Colleton

Hello FaithSocial. I’m the Rev. Dr. Courtney Colleton, the Pastor of the Historic St. James AME Church Family of Abbeville, SC. For just a few moments, I want to speak with you from the thought, “Please Don’t Cut Out the Night Light.”

Growing up as a child, I had an unhealthy fear of the dark. When it was time for bed, I used to beg, plead, and cry my way to fight from sleeping in my room alone. I would intentionally soak my bed with water, fill every floor with my toys, and even let our dog wreak havoc in my room to create a seemingly valid reason to not go into my bedroom.

My parents said they weren’t having it with me. They saw right through my tactics and sent me to my room. After some weeks went by and my parents saw that my terror was not a hoax, they decided to purchase a nightlight to help me sleep in the dark. 

One day, they took me along with them to the Dollar General to purchase a night light for my room. After we got to the store, I ran down the aisle like a kid in the candy store for about 30 seconds, then happened to find a Disney star nightlight with Jiminy Cricket hanging off the end. 

To this day I rejoice at the fact that even when you find yourself at your lowest point, God will be able to make room for you by holding on to the light. God will make room for your victory by showing you the way with him being the light in your life.

When I got the nightlight home, I was adamant about plugging it in just to see if it was going to light up. However, before I could reach my room, my parents told me to wait because this nightlight worked best in the dark.  Looking at this paradox as an adult, I question the validity of darkness and why we as humanity are so afraid of it. 

The answer is very clear. We are not afraid of the dark as humans because from birth till death we are constantly surrounded by dark times. We are afraid of the dark because of how we respond to it with our lives, our dreams, and our potential, our hopes especially when it blends into the background during times when we’ve been created to stand out.

We feel that in the darkness no one will validate our existence, hear our voices, or honor our living because of the possibility of getting lost in the shuffle. This is why the story of the 3 magi or what other versions of the bible will label them as the 3 wise men deeply resonates with us.

These wise men are some of the most well known figures in the bible, but, before they become a part of biblical history in Matthew 2:1-12 the bible declares they were trying to live out their best lives in the east and through their faith the prophet Isaiah’s words would be fulfilled.

The wise men’s lives at that time were surrounded by a bubble filled with darkness from stemming religious persecution, political harassment, racial division, relentless poverty, and unprecedented incurable diseases.

If these 3 men lived in 2021, their testimony would be the more things change, the more things remain the same. Haven’t you heard that before? 

These magi were waiting for more than just a change to happen in the world but also a transformation to happen within themselves simply because their humanity humbled them into a place of waiting.

Now, you and I as little children (and even as adults) don’t like the concept of waiting because anything that delays instant gratification is destined to destroy our human satisfaction. In this season, we as humanity have proven time and time again that we have a problem with patience.

We live in an instant fast paced society, where everything must move at our fingertips and be ready at our daily demands. Waiting my brothers and sister is not only a bad thing in our society but like my nightlight sometimes works better in its appropriate place and season. Ecclesiastes 3 said it best, “That there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

In their waiting the 3 magi found a moment of reprieve that let them know that their hopes were not hopeless because they found a star in the sky. Meaning that their answer has been given but like a good math equation your faith will make a show of your work.

These wise men understood their assignment in their waiting season and it was one of the greatest discoveries of all human history: that of a young child wrapped in swaddling clothes named Jesus. Through their persistence they taught us 3 points to help us to realize this is how we don’t cut out the night light in our life.

First, if we’re not going to cut out the night light in our lives, then we get to know what we are looking for. These magi were on a mission more than just to follow a star for GPS purposes but to reach the real star that we know as Jesus Christ, that brought hope to a hopeless world.

Secondly, they did not allow anyone to sabotage their search. When you’re on the path to greatness, sometimes walking through the dark will show you monsters that will try to bring harm to what God has already established, planned, and orchestrated for your life. Just remember and take heart that no weapon formed against you will prosper because you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. 

How do you know this? Ask King Herod and recall the event the occurred when he didn’t get a chance to release his real plan on Jesus Christ.

Finally, be assured that God will show you the way to your victory because the light always gives you directions that you need to get to the other side.

So my brothers and sisters, no matter what you’re going through in this season of life, just remember that even in the darkness don’t cut out the nightlight. Don’t push aside the things you think are coming to hinder you, but allow the light to show you that there is more room for you at the foot of the cross.

May God bless, may God keep, and heaven smile upon you is my prayer.

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