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Day 1: Introduction

 He placed me at his banquet table,

 for everyone to see that his banner over me declares his love.

 Song of Solomon 2:4 (VOICE)

I love a beautifully set table. The table that invites you in, and holds you tenderly, while bidding you to open up and breathe. I remember my first year in college, where first the vision came to me of a table beautifully-set with all the delectable food and delicacies imaginable. It was as if God himself invited me to come, “taste and I see,” that He was truly good.  This was the start of me becoming a champion of the communal table, seeking out opportunities to dine with other women with intentionality. I believe the Lord gave me this picture so that I could seize each opportunity  to set the table for others just as He had for me. It was around the table with Him and His word that I became His disciple. As I sat with Him, I opened His word with new desire and deeper joy. I wanted to inhale it all; but He whispered, “follow my lead.”  So, I did. There were many times when I lost my way. Yet, He kept pace with me, shepherding my heart back to the way. Inviting me and waiting for me as He set the table before me time and again. 

When I see Jesus’ example of making disciples I find him sitting at the table and breaking bread. He was intentionally sharing life with those in His sphere of influence; He lived out the example that his disciples were to follow. Jesus did not turn away the sinners, those of low station or ruined reputation. Jesus was intentional about who would be invited to the table. When we take a closer look at those He invited we learn how to seek out deeper, Christ-centered relationships that grow our characters to be like that of Jesus.

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