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Day 4 – Yesterday, Tomorrow, or Right now?

“Don’t put it off; do it now! Don’t rest until you do.”  – Proverbs 6:4

It’s time to pull from within and drink the refreshing water every morning that God gives us so freely. We have His Word in our hands whether it be via the Bible, a computer, or a cell phone. There is no excuse not to refill our spirit every morning and work at filling others with the living water that is God. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.” What a great nugget of wisdom she shared with us.

We need to renew our thoughts into a path of goodness and greatness! What are you doing right now? Are you walking in circles in your history? Are you anxiously waiting for what may or may not be tomorrow? Or are you doing your best with what you have and where you are at right now? Really think about what is going on in your mind. We tend to believe that we are present when we might not be. We could be thinking of something else that already happened or is going to happen and not even be focusing on what is going on in our “right now”. Many times we get caught up in our thoughts and we don’t realize how we are reacting to them.

God has asked you to do a thing and you are sitting on it! You don’t get motivation from waiting without preparing. So many times we hear God tell us to go ahead with a project or situation and we ask for a sign when he’s already given us the green light. We wait and wait for the sign but really we’re just lacking discipline to do it.

“He will die for lack of discipline and instruction, and in the greatness of His folly He will go astray and be lost.” – Proverbs 5:22

Let’s not let our purpose die because of our lack of discipline over ourselves. We can lose a good thing just because we keep putting it off. We can not allow ourselves to wallow in rest, we need to do it now! Has God asked you to start a business? Create a devotional or blog? Pursue a new career? Disciple others? Play an instrument? Start a workout? Eat better? Read a book? Open the Bible? Whatever it may be, it’s worth it!

Prayer: Dear God, help me to do what you have asked me to do, right now. Let me live in my “right now” and not yesterday or tomorrow. Yesterday is done and tomorrow has yet to begun, so I’m acknowledging that my “right now” matters the most. Father I do not want to lack discipline and instruction, I don’t desire to go astray or be lost. Guide me and lead me in the path I should be taking with You. Help me to obey and trust that You are leading me in the right direction. I believe and receive all that You have for me! Amen!

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